Creating value inside presentations

Audience is a presentation app that offers you highly interactive, intelligent slides, we call them ‘storyviews’. Sales and marketing teams can build inspiring presentation experiences. Online or on all your digital devices.


Sales managers



Audience makes your presentations truly effective, optimising every moment you are activating leads, showing up to date, inspiring content at all times. Engage your prospects, learn how they perceive your presentation.





Imagine using all the interactive content you create for web or apps, inside a presentation. From smart forms to interactive maps, connected to your data environment, shared with your teams in a single click.


Tech experts



Audience focuses on reducing your presentations costs considerably at one hand, helps making your sales teams perform better at the other hand. With the extended reporting, you’re in control.

Present like these leading brands


Here are some of the brands that have chosen to improve their presentation experience by turning to Audience. Each of them for a very different reason.

From dazzling a larger audience with inspiring storyviews to improving sales performance or pushing the same protected content from cloud to tablets, screens, laptop, and even their customers’ devices, these organisations make it happen.

Learn how.


A complete service package for inspiring presentations


Build a modular story molded into a flexible structure that works for different audiences.

Use a copywriter or storyteller to assist you in finding the correct pitch, tone and accents.



We work with several class A professionals that transform your graphical needs into visual success.

Make your story dynamic by integrating moving visuals that support your story and help make your point.



Do you have specific needs? Our team of developers delivers custom (mobile) apps or slide features tailored to your needs.

We can train your professionals to help them perform. From sales to marketing or specific motion graphics.

Facts about audience

  • It's secure

    Our cloud partner has the highest standards of security measurements, audience guarantees your safety both on an infrastructure and application level.

  • It integrates with your existing data & software

    Audience plugs into your data, tools or software to share useful information. From presentation content and media to analytics.

  • It's user-friendly

    With its untuitive drag-and-drop interface and easy to understand creation flow, audience doesn’t require extensive training to use.

  • It's multipurpose

    You can use audience to create engaging sales and pitch presentations, but also for e-learning occasions, narrowcasting or large speaking events.

  • It's cloud-based

    With all your presentation assets in a single location and accessible anywhere, audience makes you connected, wherever you are.

  • You can use it on- and offline

    No internet? No problem. Audience syncs online and offline assets, so you can present on any of your devices, anytime, anywhere.

Create interactive storyviews

And by ‘interaction’... we don’t mean splashing ‘slide transitions’. Audience allows you to adapt your story immediately to the needs of the moment. Navigate instantly to what you want to show, regardless of how many slides you might have, convert your presentation to your prospects’ exact situation in a split second, making jaws drop. In a positive way.

One voice, one message

Audience is about making you feel at ease and in control.No more hassle with having the latest information or presenting “the right version”. The application is there to make sure your story and visuals are automatically adapted to each device in order to make your presentations look identical on all of your presentation channels and devices.

Inspire & Engage

Experience how audience optimises your presentations.

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